As pagans we must always remember devotion is directed to the human self as well as to the god forces in general. All that is without in the great physical universe is also continued in the smaller universe, the inner self. All invocation, evocation prayer, in fact devotionals of any kind must interact upon both universes, the macrocosm (outer universe) and the microcosm (inner universe).

This section of the first degree is to teach the student to use the various levels of devotion, not to think about them. Devotion must be approached emotionally, with the whole self, not through the mind alone.

The Gods are most quickly approached through the emotions. It is through this impact that we are able to direct those great natural forces to aid ourselves and to aid humanity in general.

    Invocation, Evocation, Prayer, Devotion

Directed changes in the inner or outer levels of the human attracts the natural forces of the universe to ourselves. Invocation, evocation, and prayer are the most usual methods of directing this power.

Invocation is an action designed to attract some being , spirit, or force to ourselves whose nature is greater or superior to our own.

Evocation is the emotion of impelling our actions or wishes upon other types of existences whose levels of development is less than our own.

Prayer is the method to bring together within ourselves the realization and identification of the forces that exist in ourselves. It is the mobilization of the qualities of the self into a working recognition of the god forces or natural forces of the universe.

These ideas are recognized in the inner self thus causing changes in that in self which produces contact with the forces themselves.

Devotion is the method of implanting channels into the inner self for those outer force to enter into the inner self, and the inner forces to exit into the conscious self, thus producing conscious self recognition of the natural or god forces existent in the universe.