There are five basic pagan degrees, corresponding to the elemental path toward unity with the God head. Added to this is the neophyte degree, corresponding from the time the neo-pagan began to study The Path until the time of his first initiation. The circle is open to the neophyte, but he may not participate in the eucharist, initiations, or major festivals. Thus we have:

First Degree – Earth
Second Degree – Air
Third Degree – Fire
Fourth Degree – Water
Fifth Degree – Akasha or Spirit

The degrees correspond with the your basic magical types of man – the Thinking, the Feeling, the Sensing and the intuitional.

a) Thinking Man (Fire) This type classifies, analyses, synthesizes, argues from premise to conclusion, traces the reason for this and that.

b) Feeling Man (Water) This type also makes judgement’s, but in a totally different way. He is not concerned with reasons, but with the value. The standard by which he measures is not logic but worth. “This I like” he says, “That I do not like. This is good. That is bad. This is morally right. That is morally wrong.”

c) Sensation Man (Earth) This type, like the intuitional type, works by perception, but works entirely in the field of facts, and nothing but facts. It (perception) sees what is and what is not. Its weakness is that it cannot conceive of any other way in which one may look at life.

d) Intuitional Man (Air) As I have said, this type, like the Sensation man, works by perception, but in this case the perception is of something beyond the facts – the imponderables the intangible important possibilities, the events beyond the horizon and the shape of things to come.

Spiritual man is the man who has mastered all the facets of the other four aspects. It is true that within ourselves exist all these qualities, but it it the Spiritual man who has brought them to the surface, and integrated them into his personality, able to command their usage at will.

There are colors assigned to the five degrees. Robes, cords, clothing at festivals and other color coordinated items should be of the color of the degree. If black robes are chosen, and that are recommended because of the general usage, then Lamens, and other items of accent should e of the color of the degree.

Earth – Yellow
Air – Blue
Fire – Red
Water – Silver
Fifth – Black or Indigo

The traditional Tattwa symbols are associated with the degrees:

Earth – Square
Air – Circle or Disc
Fire – Triangle
Water – Crescent – points up
Spirit – Egg shape

During his time in the First degree, the pagan must learn what his life path is to be and how to keep himself upon it. It is the degree of the purification of the mind and body. He must set himself on the road of self understanding and correct all habits and faults that obstruct him from uniting with nature as presented in the ritual. He must harmonize the qualities within himself so communication is possible with the cosmic forces. This is not easy task. For many it is a long period of self introspection, and for this reason no time limit it set for the First degree. He is expected to know mythology and to understand its inner meaning to himself, but also to others as the myths apply to humanity as a whole. Symbols and tools are to be understood, constructed, and used.

Much of the work described above is work that is directed to the inner-self, and once the centers are open to the powers the motion is set, and the inner-self gains much from the ritual and from the greater outer universe using psychic methods removed from seemingly actual work. However, the path must be first opened directly by the worker, and it is to this the first degree is dedicated.