The altar shall be setup in the usual way, but with three candles on the altar itself. Light refreshments may be placed nearby for use during the ceremony. The items used for divination are on altar.

Four candles will be placed before the altar at the start. (Earthenware lamps, or earthen cups with oil and floating wicks may be used if desired.)

This rite is useful for any type of augury or scrying: tarot, crystal, mirror, cauldron-scrying, palmistry, ouija, lithomancy, rune-casting, and many others. The teaching of divination is also best done within this circle.

A circle shall be drawn on the floor which is large enough for all to relax therein, since this is an informal rite. When all are within the circle the woman who acts as priestess will light the candles and incense, saying:

Our friends of the night,
Of mist, and of moonlight…
You who are seldom seen.
Be with us now
And spread apart the veil of Being
That we may look beyond.

She than has the man who acts as priest take the four cards from before the altar and place them at the west, the north, the east, and the south points of the circle in that order.

When this is done she will direct four of these within the circle to present the symbols of the elements to the four quarters… if possible the persons chosen should be among those who will be performing divination later in the rite.

The one chosen to present the air symbol shall take it from the altar and stand, holding it out towards the north, the east, the south, and west, saying :

O elemental’s of the water
Hearken to your sign
Open the windows of Where and When,
And let us see beyond.

The same should be done and said for earth, air and fire. The priestess then holds the wand out in salute towards the south invoking:

O Queen of magic and silence,
We have gathered the spirits of nature
To help us delve into that
Which lies beyond.
We ask that you make strong and keen
Our inner eyes
As we search through the veil,
And let only influences which are good
Enter within the circle.
This rite is yours, oh Lady of Mystery.
Be with us, we ask.
Blessed Be!


Blessed Be!

Now is the time for relaxation and the various forms of divination. The priestess and priest, or others, will aid, guide and teach as necessary. Light refreshments may be served.

When is is judged that the rite should end, the priest shall stand with wand outstretched in salute and say:

We do thank all who have
Been with us here…
Those whom we can see,
And those who are not of this world.
And we thank the Blessed One.

He shall direct those nearest the candle as the four quarters to put them out. Then he shall put out the lights on the alter, saying:

The ritual is done!
Blessed Be!


Blessed Be!