The casting of spells is old and very basic aspect of paganism. Like the more formal ceremonial rituals, spells serve to focus the mind and the will on the magical task to be accomplished. One can go through all of the motions of a complex spell but lack the requisite ability to direct the natural forces and the spell will be useless. This may be a good thing in view of the proliferation of books on the market today telling us how to cast spells to achieve all manner of cosmic and earthly goodies. Some of these spells are being published here not because they necessarily get good results, but merely because they are entertaining to read. Some of them, particularly the love spells, are better read and left unpracticed because of their attempts to influence the consciousness of another person. If one wants to do a love spell and not violate any ethical standards, rather than trying to attract a particular person, it is better to project an image of ones self attractive to various members of the opposite sex.

The spells presented here pertain largely to Earth and Earthly matters. Other spells shall be presented in subsequent volumes.

For Good Fortune

Take a little red bag and sew it with red woolen thread: then take a crumb of bread, salt, a spring of rue, and some cumin –

“This bag I sew for luck for you,
And also for my family,
That it may keep by night and day,
Troubles and illness far away.”

Ancient Gypsy Love Spell

This enchantment is best used to win a man who has not requited the feeling of love which the lady holds for him. In a red vase or pot plant a small ivy leaf (the ivy carries the idea of constant, ever growing and reviving love). As the plant is watered, repeat this spell, with eyes closed:

“As this shrub grows
and as its leaf blows,
let His Love arise for me.”

Thereafter nurture the plant carefully. If it grows well you will gain the one you love.

Sand Ritual Love Spell

In a box of sand trace the initials of you would-be lovers name in large letters and then, directly over them, your own. Infuse the sand with magic by leaning over and kissing the initials (a kiss is a very potent thing). Then gather some of the sand of the initials and place it in a small vial. The next time you see your hoped-for admirer, sprinkle some of this sand in his hair (make sure that he is unaware of your actions). The force of this spell would work on his mind and bring him to your side.

Dragon Blood Spell

Voodoo Folklore
Dragon Blood is the name of a red extract (gum resin) from a tree native to the Malay Archipelago. In solid stick form it is carried on the person for luck: to get rid of curses hexes, and cross conditions it is burned in powder form at midnight for seven nights. This is done near an open window.

Marjoram Spell

Medieval Folklore
Marjoram was prized as a charm for defeating evil forces, and said to be a love charm if added to food. It is an herb of Venus, planet of love. If used against evil it had to be placed in each room of the house and renewed each month.

Wart Spells

English Folklore
Ancient spells of England regarding the removal of warts by magical means are:
1. Rub the warts with a piece of bacon, cut a hole in an ash tree, put the bacon in it. Warts will transfer to the tree.
2. Touch each wart with a pea: wrap each pea in a piece of paper which is then buried in moist ground. The warts were said to disappear and the peas decayed.
3. Prick each wart and put three drops of blood on elder herb, and this is buried like the pea for the same purpose.

The Cauldron or Mill Dance

This is chanted two or three times in order to generate power in working a ritual. Everyone should join their right hands in the center of the circle and walk around, gaining momentum and chanting faster.

Air breathe and air blow,
Make the mill of magic go,
Work the mill for which we pray,
Io dia ha ha yay.

Fire flame and fire burn,
Make the mill of magic turn,
Work the will for which we pray,
Io dia ha ha yay.

Water heat and water boil,
Make the mill of magic toil,
Work the will for which we pray,
Io dia ha ha yay.

Earth without and earth within,
Make the mill of magic spin,
Work the will for which we pray,
Io dia ha ha yay

Radiant Health Spell

Ceremonial White Magic
This spell, properly executed, was supposed to enable a person to attain and maintain radiant perpetual health. Facing the East with arms spread wide, an invocation is said:

“Lord God of the Heavens, and all above, and all below, I pray Thee to grant me the power to conceive of the Life Fluid, the Life Force, so that I may, with Thy divine help, become a part with it body and sole. If it shall be Thy divine will, the glorious Life Force shall permeate me and suffuse me, and breing ever-lasting well-being. Grant me, O Great God, this favor. Amen.”

Maintaining the same position, the supplicant mentally pictures a force of energy from the Universe sweeping towards him or her. As it arrives, one draws in a deep breath, visualizing and feeling the force being drawn in and down to the solar plexus. As the breath is slowly exhaled, a mental picture is to be formed of this force spreading and flowing either to all parts of the body or to a specific area. This is done over and over again and with practice the mental picture becomes easier to envisage.

Charm of Consecration

One for the window
Two for the hearth
Three for the wooden door
Four for the mill
Five for Jill
Six to make seven more
Three crosses make
Blessing all.


This requires a cord for each working pair, or else each person has a single cord to knot.

By knot of one x—————- the spells begun
By knot of two x—————x it cometh true
By knot of three x-x————-x so mote it be
By know of four x-x———–x-x the open door
By knot of five x-x-x———x-x the spells alive
By knot of six x-x-x——-x-x-x the spell is fix
By knot of seven x-x-x-x—–x-x-x the stars of heven
By knot of eight x-x-x-x—x-x-x-x the stroke of fate
By knot of nine x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x the thing is mine

Abracadabra Spell

Although this famous charm was recorded in the third century by the Romans, it would seem to trace its origin all the way back to the Chaldean’s of Babylonia. The Chaldean phrase translates almost exactly into the English pronunciation, and refers to a fever disappearing like the word. The patient said the whole name on the first line, and progressively dropped on letter as he pronounced each line in turn until no letters were left. As this was done, the fever was supposed to diminish. Also the charm was to be written on a piece o parchment which was to be put on a cord and hung from about the sick person neck.


To make things grow and flourish do the spell during the waxing moon — from the first day of the new moon to the first day of the Full Moon. At this time work for an increase of anything, or to begin something.

To decrease anything do a spell during the waning period. This is a good time to get rid of any bad situation, including illness.

To put a stop to anything irksome, choose the second day of the Full Moon.

Use silver and white to establish a link with the Moon.

From Sybil Leek, Cast Your Own Spell


Anti-War Spell

Take a news clipping of the was and roll it into a cylinder. Tie the clipping with a black thread. Place the paper into a green glass bottle with no writing on the outside and stop the bottle with a cork. Taking the bottle to a river or ocean place a symbol on the glass with waterproof ink. Then cast the bottle into the water and remain at the spot until the bottle has disappeared from view. This ritual should add some power to the anti-war movement.

(From Osirus, Potions and Spells of Witchcraft)

Mugwort Spell

Medieval Witchcraft
Prophecy could be accomplished with Mugwort according to this ancient belief. Know as a “Witch Herb” it was used as an incense by crystal gazers. This was due to its leaning to the north as it grows which gave rise to the idea it had strong magnetic and supernatural powers. To cause prophetic dreams the mugwort was placed in a cloth bag and kept under the pillow at night. Witches offered it as a charm spell to keep a traveler from tiring. Mugwort can also be consumed as a tea and is said to induce clairvoyance.

Spells belong to the area of “low” witchcraft. Their principal function is to build up the practitioners sense of power and to set the mood, since the effect of the spell depends on the intensity of the thought form. This means that effective magic can be worked without spells, incantations, tools, or ritual of any kind. However most practitioners, especially when first beginning to work, find such aids helpful in developing the requisite mental power.

Despite what has been said above, it is wise to remember that certain spells, performed over long periods of time by practitioners in many and various locations and time eras, do develop intrinsic power and should be used with caution. Such spells are not for use in gaining the minor objectives (a new job; better house, etc.) which are the province of the type of spell given below. For this latter type of magic, the practitioner is always free to devise his own spells, or to quote passages of poetry or literature which set the desired mood. Certain factors should always be observed for successful work, however, whether engaged in ritual or ceremonial magic, casting spells, or projecting thought forms, so remember the following points:

Chanting and dancing raise power

When charging an object, it should always be new and unused

The waxing moon is for beginnings and increasings

The waning moon is for exorcisms, bindings, and endings


Most spells work on a sympathetic or homeopathic level, therefore the practitioner may use any form of words or actions which feel “right” for the purpose to be achieved. The following spells, however, have been found effective and give an indication of the form and procedures commonly followed.

Spell to Secure Friendship

Take a sheet of artificial parchment, quill pen and black ink. Using a flowing script, inscribe the following words in the center of the parchment:

Happiness is what you make it
It is breathing and singing
It is supreme understanding giving from the heart
It is pulsing memories, deep glances, fathomless thought
Happiness is wanting and needing, getting and giving
Happiness is all — what you make it.

Burn the signs of the sun, inverted triangle, infinity and pentacle into the parchment, one in each corner. Send to a friend.

Charm of Consecration

One for the window
Two for the hearth
Three for the wooden door
Four for the mill
Five for Jill
Six to make Seven more
XXX make blessings all

Lighting Candle Fire

Fire, flame in the Old One’s name
Take the light and burn ye bright
And the spell be cast aright

Spell of the Knotted Cord

Make nine knots in the cord, starting with the knot in the center. If two people are working, each makes an alternative knot, working toward his own end. If working alone, make knots radiating from the center working towards each end alternatively. As each knot is tied, intone:

By the knot of one, the spells begun
By the knot of two, it cometh true
By the knot of three, so mote it be
By the knot of four, the open door
By the knot of five, the spells alive
By the knot of six, the spell we fix
By the knot of seven, the stars of heaven
By the knot of eight, the stroke of fate
By the knot of nine, the thing is mine

When the knots have been tied, place cord with object link (photo, hair,etc.) and keep until spell has faded. Never destroy or throw away cord immediately after working as this will nullify spell and may even have harmful results.

Candle Spell

Inscribe wish, or purpose of spell on candle, light it, and recite following incantation while it burns:

Upon this candle I will write
What I receive of thee this night
Grant what I wish you to do
I dedicate this rite to you.
I trust that you will grant this boon
O lovely Goddess of the Moon

I call Earth to bond my spell
Air, speed its travel will

Fire, give it spirit from above
Water, quench my spell with love

Power-Raising Chants

1. Move in circle clockwise, chanting:

Echo, Echo, azarek
Echo, Echo, zomalek
Echo, Echo, gananes
Echo, Echo, aradas

2. All place hands, touching, in center of circle. Moving clockwise, chant:

Air breathe and air blow
Make the mill of magic go.
Work the wheel for which we pray
Io dio ha he yay.

Fire flame and fire burn
Make the mill of magic turn.
Work the wheel for which we pray
Io dio ha he yay.

Water heat and water boil
Make the mill of magic toil.
Work the wheel for which we pray
Io dio ha he yay

Earth without and earth within
Make the mill of magic spin.
Work the wheel for which we pray
Io dio ha he yay.

3. In plain chant mode, intone:

Ah eh ee oh oo oo oh ee eh ah

Anti-war spell

Take a news clipping about the war and roll it into a cylinder. Tie the clipping with a black thread. Place it into a green glass bottle with no writing on the outside and stop the bottle with a cork. Take the bottle to river, Lake, or ocean and place a symbol (peace?) on it with waterproof ink. Cast the bottle into the water and remain on spot until it has disappeared from view.

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