If no other of like interest are available at the time of the full moon the following rite may be accomplished by the solitary individual.

The ritual should be performed at the time of the full moon, and preferably near midnight. It should be accomplished out-of-doors or, failing that, at a window through which the moonlight may shine upon the worshipper.

The robe or gown or other apparel worn for this ceremony should be unique and “magical” or “witchy” in its cut and feel. It should if possible be worn only for ritual and magical purposes. (Essentially, however, any garb… or none at all,,, may be worn.) Before dressing for the ceremony one should bathe, bearing strongly in the mind that the water is “cleansing the soul and spirit”, as well as the body.

Go alone to a place of solitude which you have selected previously, or to the room which you have prepared, carrying with you the implements needed for the rite.

Build at the spot a circle of 13 stones, each being about the size of a man’s head, for the outdoor rite. If the ritual is to be held indoors smaller stones may be used. Lay the stones down starting from the north and working clockwise about eight-foot circle. Two additional stones should be placed at the center to support a small, simple alter… or to serve in themselves. One alter-stone should be to the east of the circles center-point and other placed next to it at the west of the center-point.

Place an image of the Goddess on the alter, and light incense before it. A cup or goblet of wine about half full should be placed before the image of the Lady. A copy of this ritual may also be placed where it can be easily seen.

If the ritual is held out-doors, torches should be used if no other persons are about. Indoors, white or blue candles may be used. A candle or torch should be placed at each side of the alter, as you say:

My Lady of Silver magic,
I do build this circle…
A place sacred and apart…
In your honor.

Place a light at the North point of the circle, saying:

Blessed One, the earth is yours.
May it become fertile and rich
And free from spoil.

Place a light at the East point of the circle, saying:

O Lady of laughter and cheer,
The skies are yours.
May the air be clear and sweet
And the clouds giving of soft rains.

Place a light at the south point of the circle, saying:

O Goddess of warmth,
The seasons are yours.
May each spring bring forth
More richness of the natural world.

Place a light at the west point of the circle, saying:

Lovely One, the sparkling waters are yours.
May the stream and rivers
Flow pure and clear
Once more.

Stand before the alter and the image of the Lady… in view of the moon, if possible… and raise your arms out toward the moon in salute, invoking in these or similar words:

My Lady of silver magic,
I have built this sacred place
For you, and in your honor.
I do ask that your gracious presence
Be with me here.

Stand silently for a while, with arms out and eyes closed, meditating on the presence of a mysterious and magical Goddess… She who was greeted and know by your own distant ancestors, in rites much like this, in times long past. Meditate on Her being present once again. And close at hand.

Kneel before the alter, facing the image of the Lady, and take up the goblet of wine, saying:

In honor of you, my Lady,
Do I pour this libation

Pour a few drops before the alter, stand and drink. Now is the time to sit and relax. Meditation on the Goddess in Her many aspects is in order, as are various types of divination. Folk songs of lave and magic may be sung, if this is your inclination, or poetry read.

When you feel that the rite should end, put out the torches or candles at the north, east, south, and west in that order. Kneel at the alter, saying:

O gracious and lovely one,
I thank you for strengthening me
With you presence.
May all magic and power be yours!
Blessed Be!

Put out the torches or candles by the alter. Then state:

The rite is ended.