For this ritual a man should dress as if for conflict, but a women should wear raiment which is soft and feminine. Yet this ceremonial garb should also be chosen also for its magical or witch-like feel and cut. The altar should be set as usual with three candles on it. A wooden wheel or representation thereof should be set on the altar, with the Goddess image and one candle placed within its rim. Or a wheel may itself be made part of the altar. Five candles should be placed before the altar, to be lit later. (As with other such rites, if the following is to be performed out-of-doors then torches may be used in lieu of candles.)

Set up the ritual area beforehand. The retire (taking on candle) to bathe before dressing for the rite, fixing in your mind that the water is cleansing the soul and heart just as it is cleansing the body.

Light the candle and gaze at it. Meditate for a while: all things change… yet ultimately are the same. This is “the turning of the year” as all years do turn…

Take the lit candle or torch and walk slowly to the place of the rite. Sit briefly before the altar, then light the candles or torches thereon, and the incense, saying:

I do bid the unseen forces of nature
To gather close about me.
For I do call forth
The images of times long past.

Light the five brands or candles before the altar and place them in the form of a pentagram, centered on the altar, each point being three of five feet from the center of the altar. (These points should be marked out beforehand.). Place the first candle or torch at the north, and the rest in their positions while working in a clockwise manner about the altar.

Standing again before the altar, pick up the wand and point north, east, south, and west, saying:

May winds blow cool
The sun shine warm
The waters bright and pure.
May Earth regain her former glory
And the race of man endure.

Tap thrice upon the altar with the wand and, pointing it upwards, say:

O blessed Lady of the moonlight
Be with me here, I do ask.
Stand near as I do perform
This rite in your honor.
Blessed be!

Replace the wand, the hold your arms out over the altar crossed, and say:

At this, the Night of Midsummer
Does the Goddess reign supreme.
At this time does She reign supreme.
In Her name do I now give praise
And call forth into the mists
For times to come which are better.
When men can live in peace and in calm
And green forests return once more.
Blessed Be!

Sit, and add incense. Meditate for a while on the season’s words:

“The sacred king doth yield the power to his dark brother, but the Goddess who loves them reigns ever unchanging.”

At this time you may add as you see fit to the ritual: meditation exercises, reading or reciting poetry of lave and of nature, or do else which is appropriate for this night. If a source of music is available a solitary “Dance of Power” may be improvised, if this is your inclination.

To close the ritual, rap slowly five time with the wand, saying:

The hour is done
The spells are cast
And honor given
To the Great Ones
Of times far past.
I give love, farewell,
And blessings
To the Goddess
And the Ancients.
Blessed Be!

Put out the lights which have been placed about the altar, then those on the altar itself. As the last is put out, say:

The rite is ended.