Open circle in usual manner

Sanctify those who would enter

Invocation to the higher forces

Invocation to the god and goddess

In ancient times this festival marked the end of the year. It was considered that the veil between this world and the others was thin, and that those who had crossed the veil could again enter this plane to visit or give messages. We celebrate with those who have departed this evening, and give special honor to our ancestors.


On this sacred night of Samhain
Have we cast this temple
In honor of the Goddess, and the God,
And from the ancient ones
From the times before time.


O Goddess of living things
Our time of warmth and fair winds
Is ended for now
As the day has passed,
So must the night also come,
And for seven full moons
Must the Horned one
Have dominion.


I call thee forth, O thou who personates the God.

HP: (standing in the south)

I hear and come.
For as snow must fall and winter’s darkness return,
So must I now resume my power.

HPS invokes ancestors. All remember those who have passed from this world during the past year. They are to be remembered joyously, as it is know they will return and are happy.


This is a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day
Between the worlds
And beyond…


We invite again our dear ones
To return this night,
To attend our feast and to speak to or through us
If you so desire.
We fear not death, and gladly enter the realms
Of those who have departed, for we know
We shall return to this place and those around us again
As we gain the paths of life.


Let us look into the magic mirror of death
Seeking those who have passed beyond.

Here each steps to the mirror and stands for a moment looking into the depth of his inner self seeking communication from someone special or simply from his ancestors. A candle is then lit at the table representing a place at the feast for those who are not here.

A dance follows. Only rhythm is used. This raises power for the work to follow.


Is there any work to be done this evening?


Feast and Dancing (here eulogies are delivered by those who feel the presence of the spirits. If manifestations occur, none must be frightened, for it would be offensive. If possession or trance occur they must be immediately blessed by the HP or HPS to assure safety. Dancing is slow and joyous, welcoming those from the beyond)

Thanksgiving to the ancestors

Thanksgiving to the Gods

Close the circle