There are many methods of working ritual and the methods depend upon the type of work to be done, however there is a simple outline that one ca follow in the constructing one own ritual. It is easily followed ad complete enough to become the form for almost any ritual.

1. Establish intention.
2. Construct ritual outline.
3. Setup temple.
4. Cast circle.
5. Invoke Higher Forces.
6. Invoke God and Goddess.
7. Perform work.
8. Thanksgiving
9. Close circle.
10. Deconstruct temple.

1. One must have a reason for any ritual work. This reason can be simple worship, but there must be purpose in everything that one does when contacting the divine forces. The first step must be to establish the reason for the intended work. The intention must be clear cut, with a beginning and ending point.

2. The next step after deciding the work of what you are going to do is to establish the HOW. You must know what beings and forces are to be invoked OR evoked. The tables of correspondences listing God names, incense, mandrams, etc. must be used as part of the routine exercises. The color scale of the operation must be determined from the table of correspondences and efficiently used. All of these steps are necessary to contact the desired points within the reference of western Occultism.

3. The temple is set up ext. This includes vestments, tools, candles, altar, in fact the entire temple. Even if the ritual is to be performed in a closet or the mind, the temple must be prepared. Robing is included in the preparation of the temple.

4. The circle is next, cant in what ever manner is selected for sample, and deeper explanation see “The Circle” in other chapter.

5. It is necessary to open channels to the Lord God of all the Unmanifest existence. Even if we do not comprehend its existence, we must recognize its existence. At the beginning of ritual this is an invocation to the higher self or greater god forces existence in man. See the chapter on “Invocation” for sample ritual for examples.

6. Next we invoke the god and goddess, the manifested god-head.

7. Work is defined as the project to be accomplished by the ritual.

8. We must return that which we have taken. We must balance the forces with which we work. Thanksgiving can be a simple “Thank You” or can establish eucharistic ritual.

9. See section on closing the circle.

10. Deconstruct the temple by removing the tools used for special work to their usual place of rest. One the unrobes.

There are many variations from this sample, but the basic pattern must remain the same. The universe exists as a balanced polarity and we who tamper with its existence and use its natural laws, must maintain that balance. The results of unbalanced forces are for reaching ended and, as students of the occult we must be ever dedicated to their maintenance.