(The following rituals are done primarily for practice, to develop the talents of healing, and are performed with volunteers.)

When healing is not practical through normal medical means or by application of herbal cures the Healing Ritual may be conducted.

To begin, the woman who acts as priestess lights the two candles on the altar, lights the incense, then lights thirteen candles which have been placed before the altar. The person who is ill shall sit on a chair at the middles of the room, facing the altar though not near it. The priest, or healer, will place the thirteen candles about the ill one.


The healer shall stand before the priestess at the altar. Touching the hands of the healer with the wand the priestess shall say:

I do charge you
In the name of Our Lady of Healing
And through Her power
To heal, to put aright the body,
And give release from pain.
Blessed Be.


Blessed Be.

The healer stands next to the ill one, holding his or her hands just over the afflicted part or area, though the healer’s hands do not quite touch the person being healed. The healer shall say:

I do ask,
In the names of the Old Gods,
That pure life-force
Be drawn through me
And out from these hands
Into that which must be healed.
To remain and to strengthen
Until all is well.

The healer is to remain in this position until the feeling is received that the work of healing is accomplished.


If the ill one is male, the priestess shall guide the group; if the healing must be done for a woman the

priest shall guide the group. All of the group shall sit just outside the candles. The priestess or priest will explain to all the nature of the healing to be done. Then, taking a candle and holding is aloft, shall say:

I do charge you
In the name of Our Lady of Healing
And through Her power
To heal, to put aright the body,
And give release from pain.
Blessed Be.


Blessed Be.

The priestess or priest then stands beside the ill one, holding the candle in front of the subject’s eyes, slightly above, and about one and one half feet away. The priestess or priest shall then say:

Now as you gaze steadily
At this simple flame,
Seeing only its light,
All those about the circle
Shall concentrate steadily
On your healing.
All who sit about
The circle of candles.
Hear me and do as I say…
Look closely at the one who is ill
And picture clearly the pure life-force
Flowing from all who sit here
Strong and powerful…
Into the afflicted body.
There to remain and to strengthen
Until healing is done.

The priestess or priest, and all the rest, shall remain in concentration without moving until the priestess or priest feels that the healing has been done, closing the rite by saying:

The rite of healing
Is finished!

Those nearest the various candles shall put them out.

Other means of healing may be used within this basic ritual.

The work of healing is cumulative: that which is done will stay with the ill one and quietly continue working. In a few cases, however, it may be necessary to use several sessions of healing.