Unfortunately, in the world today, and also in the past, exists those who tend to align themselves with the negative forces of existence. Fortunately, the true black magician is as hard to fine as one who practices white magic. There is, however, another area of life that existing has a much greater influence upon us than most imagine. This is the use of the type of ability most people today term telepathy, or mind power. It is the same thing Christians and related religions call the power of prayer. In the occult world, it is sometimes called thought forms, elemental’s and other related terms. By definition it is the transference of thoughts from one mind to another by various means at hand.

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to do something, perform some act that is normally outside our regular activity? Have you ever wished for something to happen, and then it did? Did you ever want someone to help you, perhaps fall in love with you, give you a promotion or money, and then it did occur? With just a little introspection we all know this is particularly a normal daily occurrence in one form or another. In the business world it is called together and tossing a though around, and coming up with an answer, or more likely the answer from someone else in the form of a performance. A recent Wall Street Journal article stated most company presidents and officers have of this ability that most other people.

Did it ever occur to you that this thought control could be used to control your wishes and actions, even to the point of controlling you against your will? In most cases, the person controlled does not even know he is controlled, but simply wished to give them money, love or help in some form or other.

The circle we have been discussing is a method of preventing this control and protecting oneself from the undesired influence of others.

There are two important times when one is open to mind control. The first, naturally, is when asleep, when your conscious mind is resting, the second is during the awake hours when the mind drifts or day dreams, or when you conscious mind no longer has full control.

The description is the clue to the solution – protection of the inner consciousness from intruding vibrations.


When your mind is active the changes of control are much less than when you are inactive. Therefore, day dreaming and like activities should be curtailed, except when within the circle of protection that I shall shortly describe.
That is the first step – do not allow the mind to drift. The next step is to build into ones personality, the protection of a body shield. This is accomplished by what we can simply term the hardening of the outer auric shell – deflecting unwanted outside thoughts, and also preventing others from reading your own emotions, a process not usually wise. As example, think of that what they want you to think. Sometimes when you are talking to others, they suddenly eliminate any emotional contact you may have established and seem suddenly hard to understand. This is the thing we want to cultivate in ourselves and be able to produce it at will, and hold this protection effort as long as necessary.

METHOD #1: Sit in a chair in a room alone. Relax completely becoming aware of your body. Expand your consciousness outside of your body into the electromagnetic field that surrounds yourself. You know this is accomplished by a feeling of mental tingling that seems outside of your body. Your mind is then in you auric sphere. Surround yourself with a gray wall, extending above your body two or so feet. Contain our entire emotional experience within the shield. Hold it as long as possible then relax, and begin again. This is building a wall of sorts in your aura. Imagine the wall to have the capacity to expel any unwanted thoughts or emotions of others. This shield must be accompanied with complete mental control. Fear is the mind killer, opening the inner-self as it tries to reject the unwanted emotions. Practice this exercise when it is built into you, and then it will remain and need only to be renewed occasionally. Surround yourself with this shield whenever you feel others may be attracting or intruding upon your private self.

METHOD #2: To be used when more protection is needed. In this method, we will incorporate the method above, plus add an incantation or mantrum that fills the outer mind with protective vibrations. This process is to occupy the entire self with the obsession of protection and attract to self powers that will give strength and protection themselves. This should be used only in extreme cases when the need is great. Build the body shield. Next, call upon the four great powers of the four quarters:

East – Raphael (Ra-fay-el)
West – Gabriel (Ga-bree-el)
South – Michael (Me-kay-al)
North – Auriel (Au-re-al)

The east will be your front, the west you back, the south on your right, the north on your left. Visualize the powers as great angelic figures standing in these directions; facing away from your body. Vibrate the names clockwise over and over, vocally if necessary, until the attack has diminished.


Sleep is the time when we are most open to psychic attack or telepathic suggestion. For protection the best method is to sleep within the magic circle. It is not necessary to construct as complete a circle as previously described, unless attack is feared, but a simple type of pentagram ritual is recommended.

After you are in bed for the evening and when you are ready for sleep, form a pentagram (banishing) in the east, and pierce the center with the god name YOD HE VAU HE. These pentagrams are formed out of white light. From one the points move a white bank of light to the south, form another figure, and vibrate the deity ADONAI. Continue the process to the west, vibrating EHEIH, and then to the north, intoning AGLA. Continue the bank of light back to the first pentagram, You are then surrounded with four pentagrams in each of the four quarters, connected with a continuous band of light.Next, from the north pentagram move the band of light over head to the pentagram in the south. Continue the bank of light under you, back to the pentagram in the north, thus surrounding yourself with another circle of light. Perform the same task from the east to the west, overhead, and then continue on under yourself back to the station of the east. Now you are surrounded with three circles and four pentagrams. This affords complete protection, but must be performed each evening before sleep.

These exercises must be followed or inter-spaced with research into the meaning of the work I have mentioned here such as elemental’s, spirits, cosmos, the four elemental Kings, evocation and invocation, and any other related ideas your research may produce.

I would remind you that any magical work begins long before the ritual itself. In fact, it is the preparation, the intention, that is the most important single factor in development, as this is the mind expander for the ritual to follow. The beginning work opens the path into the inner-self when the real ritual work begins.