This work is to be performed on the day or night of the new moon. It is a monthly rededication of the self to the Path and the ideals to which you aspire. It is the time of new projects or movements that will contribute to the upliftment of mankind and the betterment of the world. One of the real failures man can experience is the ceasing to try to accomplish that which we wish to gain.


Open circle calling upon the blessing of the four great elements. Raise your arms to the east and say:

Great being of the dark night.
Though I cannot see you I know of your presence
By the power I feel within.
I ask you and your consort to enter this circle
And inspire my innermost sanctuary
With your presence.

Purify and bless Salt, water, oil and fire.

Dedicate the elements to the four great beings of the quarters.

In blessing the elements make the solar cross first upon the heart and then upon the forehead, the heart being the love center, and the head the mind center. This shows that we must think with the heart as well as with the mind.

Combine the salt, water and oil.

Touch your eyes saying:

Blessed be my eyes that may see the light.

Touch you mouth saying:

Blessed be my mouth that I may speak the words of truth.

Touch your Hands and say:

Blessed be my hands, that they may teach harmony, unity, and cooperation; That they may heal and always act in the unity of brotherhood.

Touch your sexual organs and say:

Blessed be my groins, that my seed be the seed of happiness.

Touch your feet and say:

Blessed be my feet, that they may always lead me upon the path of right and reverence.

Touch again your solar plexus and say:

Blessed be my heart that the celestial Love-light always shine and illume my life and the life of all whom I meet.

Briefly meditate upon what has been said.

Raise your hands again to the east and say:

I dedicate myself to ______ from this time until the moon is again new. I pledge to give myself completely to this idea knowing that Loving, self-forgetting service is the shortest, the safest, and the surest path to the unmanifest.

Hold your hands over the candle and say:

I dedicate myself to the path of light. May I always walk in the Light, Life, move and have by being knowing that which I seek I shall attain.

Close Circle.