There are two main methods of psychic inner plane communication — trance and etheric telepathy, and meditation.

Psychic transmission (tranced and etheric telepathy) is the receiving of messages, or communication from other planes, or the inner self, if you wish to use psychological terms.

Trance – The consciousness withdraws so the communicator can see the brain and the vocal organs.

Etheric Telepathy – A sort of mind to mind contact in which the communicator enters the mind of the medium without the consciousness being fully withdrawn. Etheric telepathy is thus a halfway house between trance reception and meditative reception.

Meditation is the receiving of telepathic messages during which the consciousness is in full control.

Psychic transmission methods of communication are negative for they are delivered messages, but a meditated message is positive for it works from the plane of will so that action and though are fused into the message and the driving force is INTENTION rather than verbal teaching.

We will work in this course with the full meditation process, establishing contacts with the beings on the other planes, or other forces than this physical one, and through these contacts establish methods of self and group improvement.

However, these forces are quite powerful, and the contact must slowly involve, as direct and immediate contacts end to disable temporarily the persons involved. As it is, even the first impacts will be quite effective.

This teaching does not produce immediate extension of consciousness. It is not intended to do so. Students who are psychic will experience a temporary shutting off of their facilities.

Clairvoyance or the seeing of visions, and clairaudience, or the hearing of voices can be acquired through certain methods of using the subconscious mind. Anyone who understand the technique knows that what is been is “seen” or “heard” is going on in his own mind, as in dreams.