This paper is intended as an introduction for those who seek the Pagan Way, but do not wish to jump off the deep end of things into Witchcraft, the caballa, or that nebulous thing called ceremonial Magic.

It is indeed a “Middle Path”, attempting to combine simply some of the best elements of all, not too light a task, into a workable system which at this point is called that neo-pagan movement, or the Pagan Way.

The occult has long needed a simple doctrine, free from medieval superstitions, and so called “Arcane” knowledge that is for only those select few who belong to the inner groups. We all belong to the Great Brotherhood, and it is wrong for the few to deny worship to the many simply because it has been traditional to do so. All of the Hidden Sciences is available for those who wish to frequent the public libraries, or even well stocked occult book stores that have become to prevalent recently. It is not that all will understand that which is written without frequent and earnest application, but under the same standards a path of worship must be opened for those who are dedicated to the standards that are easily followed and simply comprehended. Too often we forget that in the long ago past, before the Pician Age, the Old Way was open to all who wished to follow, and not hidden under much mumbo jumbo designed to discourage rather then illuminate. In the past worship was open to anyone who could enter a Temple, and that systems were natural and reasonable. Higher aspirations had their place also, and all fitted into a general scheme that was beneficial to society as a whole, and not for selected segments of of it.

I do not mean to paint a pretty picture of Temple and Social Life, for as the age drew to a close there was much corruption in the official religions of this day. However, it is not the revival of the old temple that we seek. For times have moved forward, and the Christ taught much to humanity that must not be lost.

We have, unfortunately, strayed to far from the great Cosmic Rhythm. We have built great garbage heaps we call cities, ad then force ourselves to live in them. Worse still, we have convinced our inner consciousness that this is the correct way to live and occur guilt if we leave ways. We deadened our senses with neon, drugs, and are moving to that great sensation of racial extension, and perhaps even species extinction. Life in this country has become an orgy of escape. Knowledge and learning have become synonymous and government is again telling us that we need not think. Science, in the name of knowledge is, in fact, saying that we cannot think.

Spiritual man has not ended, though. He still attempts to unite himself with the gods, though he does not know what it is he seeks.

This separation from nature, this alienation from the physical universe fills our mental institutions, and has in fact turned our streets into vast hospitals where the word “harmonious”, or “normal” does not exist. Most Americans are neurotic, and far worse, expect to be.

It is the return to the ancient knowledge that this paper advocates. It will point the way to the ritual that teaches the harmonious flow of the cosmic forces to humans. Indeed is is to these methods that we must return if we are to survive. We must realize those forces to which we are vitally connected and again surface them into our daily existence. It is there we will find ourselves, for it is there that our soul can again become alive.

Primarily this is a teaching manual, designed for Temple classes. Therefore much of the information is presented factually and not with elaboration. If it is followed in an individual circumstance, then the student best read carefully and slowly. This is not for book readers, but for those who wish to actually work, and for those who expect results from their efforts.