The initiation preceded by a period of meditation interspaced by readings pertinent to the degree of the moon

Open Great Circle in the usual manner

Presentation to the West

HP and HPS are in the Western half of the temple. Facing that direction they say:


“Let us adore the Lord and King of Water! Let us adore the Lady of the Moon!
(assume position of the Horned moon)

“Come down, come down from thine abode above,
And come in joy and peace and love
And so below as is above,
Find happiness in perfect love.

I present these honored candidates to the quarter of the West. They come here in truth and affection. Accept them and make their bodies as cups-filling them with the knowledge of this degree.

HP then calls upon the Archangel Gabriel, filling the temple with his presence. He directs all to journey astrally into the quarter of the West.

Myth of Rebirth

Here read or tell any myth or rebirth.



In clear conscience and good faith do I present myself at these portals in this sacred circle for initiation. I pledge myself to the God and the Goddess to love and honor them.

I dedicate myself to the Way of the Pagans and shall renew my efforts to follow the ethic and standards of my fellows and to service the temple.

Through the example of my life shall I further the evolution of the world.

I shall meet at the tie of the festivals, and at them celebrate the new and full moons in the names of the Great Ones.

I know all Gods are One God, and All Goddess are One Goddess and there is one Initiator. Because of

this I shall not persecute the beliefs of others.

These things do I swear. These things do I know.

Charge of the Great Ones

HP and HPS move through the portals and cord the initates.
HP or HPS:

“Do you ——- freely accept the charge of the
Goddess and the God that you shall become Priest
or Priestess”?


“I do”.

HP or HPS:

The pass from this darkness into the light.

Candidate moves between and then through pillars.

Acceptance of the Light

Each candidate is given a white candle. The HP or HPS approaches him and lights the candle. The sign of the moon is placed in the aura of each.

HP or HPS:

“You are now duly concentrated Priest or Priestess.
It is no easy burden that you must bear. In other
Religions the worshiper bows to their God. In the
Pagan Way we bow to no God except be it our own
free will. I do homage to you.”
(Kisses feet of the initiated)
The candidates are now corded.

The Pentagram


Though you yet not be the complete individual, you are
now qualified to wear the sign of the pentagram. Hear
ye the meaning of the sacred symbol:


Ye are children of the stars and have the right to wear
that symbol upon your breasts. Take not lightly what I
say, for of old we are taught that it is from that place
some of us came. It is those who approach the altars of
initiation into the priesthood who, as you have, are the
children of the stars. The heritage of the Star is vast,
and the weight is heavy.

I give you the meanings of the points.

The first is the introduction into the tradition,
signifying birth.

The second is you admission in life or the group.

The third signifies maturity, or the ability to
work alone.

The fourth is old age being on who can direct the
life of others.

Last and fifth is death — one who has passed the
portal. It represents the completed man.

The points also represent the elemental compositions
of life.

One is Air, the next fire, the next water, and the
next earth. The top point spirit, because it
awakens these forces within us it is a protective
symbol used for banishing or invoking.

Know thou that the Stars and their Satellites live
and have knowledge of like, though it be after a
different path than ours. Your acceptance of this
allows that from this time forward you may place
the Sign of the Star after your name showing identity
with those great beings.

The Star is the sign of regeneration, and therefore
sometimes identified with the God. One makes the
sign when crossing the hands at the chest, thus
expressing resurrection. Extending the arms and
legs also expresses the attributions of the symbol.

The Cup of Regeneration


Know ye the tool of this degree is the cup, called the cauldron of Regeneration. To drink from this cup bestows renewal and immortality It is through this vessel that we know we shall be born again, and it is those who drink together who return to the together again. It is the Moon Mother — the giver of life.

Listen to the legend of the Fisher King.

The Fisher King is the guardian of the grail. He suffers perpetual sickness, being neither dead or alive, but suspended in a half state between life and death. His country, like himself, is sick, dried up, barren. In this condition he must remain until the mystery of the cup is understood by mankind. Many come to help the King, but all fail. Finally, a man who, through his courage and endurance comes to the side of the Fisher. He asks this question of himself to the King regarding his ordeals. “What have these things meant, and who have they served?” Now, failure to ask this question means that the mysteries will continue in their eternal round, no one is served, and the land is remain waste. If the question is asked ad the meaning made conscious, then the spell is broken. In the legend, after the question, the King is healed and peace and plenty is restored to the land”

You must ask this question of yourselves. The cup must be filled with your own blood. I place this task before you as the quest of this degree.

Eucharist & Water

Each initiate has previously charger a cup of water. It is now poured into the cup of Regeneration. The wine is blessed and added to the water. Each drinks from the cup, placing his of her Athame into the water and wine before drinking.


A short period of thought follows, allowing the initiated to reflect on those things that have happened.

The Great Circle is closed, followed by feast or celebration if so desired.