This work is to be performed on the day or night of the full moon. It is best out of doors, when one has not looked upon the face of the goddess until the time of the ceremony.

It is a purification of the self at a time when the light of the reflected sun is in full balance, neither waxing or waining. In ancient times the moon was both a god and a goddess, and we awaken these images within ourselves during the working. As they surface a true balance of the selves will result, for we are both the sun and the moon.

Robes are recommended, with sandals if the weather permits, but anything is acceptable as long as the colors are somber. Emerald, indigo, violet and very dark purple are also associated with the moon.

It can be said that Pan and Isis are the best aspects of the moon: Pan gives the idea of the archetypal strength which is characteristic of the etheric and of the action of the Moon on Earth; and Isis gives the idea of archetypical virginity of the Feminine side of God, the whole receptive side of things which is shown forth by the reflection of the Sun’s light on the Moon. Therefore the visualizations of Gabriel are Pan-like, and invocations are used for both Pan and Isis.

Preparation is the art of successful ritual, and I do not merely mean setting the scene, but the mental expedience of knowing that a full moon is approaching, and watching the growth toward fullness.

The Ritual

Sit for a moment in meditation before beginning the work. If outdoors, feel the light of the moon upon you; if in your temple, then feel the power of the force of light. It is at this point that breathing and relaxation exercises are used.

Stand and cast the great circle, using the solar cross as the purification symbol. This is to remind us that we are both male and female.

Invoke the greater powers of the Universe.

Visualization of Gabriel

Walk or turn to the quarter of the west (elements of the winds) and visualize Gabriel, who gives the powers of visions. He can be imagined as a beautiful blue-green figure with silver flashes of light and a tremendous swirl of color of various shades of peacock tints shot with silver which are his wings, or a part of his extensive aura, and about his head and beneath his feet, streams liquid silver.

This form then changes to a tremendous pillar of silver light, reaching far as the sky and standing upon the earth. This is like a battery of the Universe through which you receive the basis of
vision-clairvoyance or clairaudience.

The pillar is then changed into a nine-sided solid crystal, reflecting silver and blue-green light. Watch this solid figure and see what appears.
As a conclusion, change the form back into the angelic form.

Progress then to the north, east, and south, invoking the powers of those quarter. All this time you have not looked at the moon, if outdoors. Feel the balance the great powers produce within you.

Invocation of the God and Goddess

Face East, look at the moon and say:
Great Mother,
Giver of all life,
I invoke you into this blessed circle,
That your presence here
Fills me with joy and understanding.

Triple moon,
Ever changing one
We invoke and call upon ye.

Assume God position and say:

Great God above all Gods,
Descend and protect this circle.
Most Hold One,
Grant that I may reflect thy light,
And be worthy thee.

Light incense and bless the four quarters. This completes the casting of the circle. If this is performed near water, some of that boy should be blessed an cast around the smaller world.

The Kerubim

The great powers in the etheric sphere are the Angels, or Kerubim. We invoke their powers and presences here to heal our spiritual and physical bodies. We invoke these Beings in the natural position of the Zodiac: East-Fire; South-Earth; West-Air; North-Water. The four elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air correspond with the Zodiacal signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarious.

Turn each to the element and imagine the feeling of each direction.

Then visualize a Swastika of pure white brilliance, with one of the elementals on each arm. You stand in the center. The cross begins to move slowly, and then more rapidly pouring the strength of the elements into you, creating a completed, balanced man. Contemplate the action performed.


The full moon is the time of the Eucharist – – the time of balanced action. A small cake and wine for each participant is needed. The woman holds the cakes while the man offers and blesses them, then the man holds the wine while the woman in turn blesses them.

First the man dedicates the cakes to Pan, the woman dedicates the wine to Isis. If the sexes are not equally represented, then one or the other assumes the aspect of the other. If only one celebrates, then they assume both identifications.

Dedication of The Cakes

Walk the great circle once and return to the East, holding up the element saying:

Lo Pan! Lo Pan!
Horned head and cloven hoof;
These our offerings, Pan, to thee,
Goad-foot God of Arcady.

Half a man and half a beast,
Pan is the greatest, Pan is least.

Human heart and human brain,
Pan the goad-god comes again.

Accept these cakes I offer thee,
God of all Fertility.

He turns and offers the cakes to the woman who says:

Lo, I receive the gifts thou bringest me –
Life, and more life, in fullest ecstasy.
I am the moon, the moon that draweth thee.
I am the waiting earth that needeth thee.
Come unto me, Great Pan, come unto me.

Holding up the wine she says:

Isis! Isis!
Holiest of the Holy,
Perpetual comfort of mankind.
Natural mother of all things,
Mistress of all the elements;
Isis-Athene; Isis-Hathor; Isis-Net;
Isis-Sati; Isis-Sothis;
Great Lady, God Mother
Fill this wine with your manifested alone,
Accept this self I offer thee.

She turns and offers the wine to the man who says:

O first-begotten Love, come unto me,
And let the worlds be formed of me and thee.
I receive the gifts though bringest me –
Life, and more lie, in fullest ecstasy.

Both assume the kneeling position of Maat (kneeling on heels) keeping the stilless of mind intimate with the occasion.

Thanks are given to the Great father, Great mother, and the eight beings attending the circle. Close circle. Thus ends the ritual of the full moon.