Open circle in usual manner.

Sanctify those who would enter.

(All seat themselves around altar. Officiants take places in all four quarters. East sits in meditation with others, then at what she considers to be the correct moment sounds pipes, then moves doesil around circle waking each companion cheerfully.)

E: Awake! Awake! Awake! Return to life within this
mortal world, O sleeping ones who wait

rebirth from Out Great Mothers Womb,

Be born again with human hopes, O true companions

of the cosmic light. The shining sun of spiritual

strength and splendor awakens and welcomes you to life

anew among mankind.

Arise! Arise! Arise! You slumbering children of

creation. Here is springtime, and the spirit of

eternal youth unquenchably aflame for living and

adventure! Accept it and rejoice! Time has turned

full circle, bringing you to birth once more. Rise up

and claim your birthright, take and use it faithfully

according to the cosmic law,



Come into consciousness together, uttering the call

of creation.


( This is the sound of a rising yawn, also the name of the
divinity. All repeat this vibrantly, stretching arms,
rising, etc, as we come to order)

S. Blessed be the light arising at our inner dawn to show

the Way ahead upon our Paths.

W. Blessed be the word of light above the waters of

eternal life that brings us all being.

N. Blessed be the light delivering our world from darkness

and the spirits of despair.

E. Companions, it is good to be alive once more together,

being as little children together, full of wonder and

excitement with each other and with our new found world.

Why should we not enjoy this all children may, with

innocent delight and pleasure?

As we play our games of childhood, so shall we work

as adults and evolve as individual souls. Everything

arises from our primodal patterns, and our best becoming

follows on a true beginning.

Let us try to put this pattern into practice here and

now among us. Set up its symbol. Signify it joyfully

with fresh fertility of mind and soul. Come forth from

winter weary into glorious growing spring with

gaiety and gladness. Look at life and laugh! Smile

and sing together just because we are alive and full

of energy that needs expression. Be happy for the

sake of hope alone. To play and pray is one with ever

child of delight. Do both together with a willing heart.

(here all decorate with spring flowers and greenery.
Cloaks and hoods are removed. Gay spring dance music
is played. Perfumes are dispersed. E. calls them back
with three hand claps as if they were children.)

E. As children of the Mysteries ourselves, we realize

the power and possibilities of our imagination. Like

pretending, our thoughts turn into things if we think

hard enough. Let us imagine now that the divine ones,

the god and goddess, whom we honor in our heart, are

asking us what we think of them in this season. How

should we answer them?

All: We do not know.

E. In the spirit of supreme simplicity, like the little

ones, let us approach our primal parents and implore:

O divine light, teach us the law of perfect love and

perfect trust, and help us to do what we wilt so long

as we harm no other.

All: In perfect love an perfect trust may we be what we

wilt so long as we harm no other.

S. What ideas should we bring to light among us this

What sort of spiritual seeds do we intend

to plant among us that these may grow to beneficial

fruitfulness for everyone concerned? This is the

proper time to ask the holy ones for help with our

endeavors to select and sow what must be rightly chosen
and rightly

chosen and rightly raised up to light by all of us.

Let us present our personal petitions to this purpose

unto those whose aid we ask this instant.

W. Who asks for nothing is already answered.

N. Who asks for everything receives the same award.

E. Let us therefore ask no more than due fulfillment of

our present needs as human souls on the pathways to


(petitions are collected by S, and presented to E.)

S. On behalf of our companionship, I offer these, our

hopes and prayers to the Eternal Ones that they may

guide us safely through the gateway of the year ahead.

W. May our hopes be truly justified.

N. May our prayers be heard indeed.

E. In the name of the great germanator, may these be

accepted as seeds for planting in the great gardens

of the soul. Let their empty husks be burnt to

fertilizing ashes by the blessed flame of light

among us.

(here S. takes the petitions, stacks them in the brazier

S. Blessed be the gentle fires of spring that frees us from

the frosts of winter and encourages our new activity.

(here S. lights the fire, blesses it.)

W. Since we are as children, let us sing and dance our

way of light around the represented solar point now

in our circle.

(here circle dance and chant. Then return to places.)

(N. takes the ashes and presents them to E.)

N. I bear the ashes of abandoned hopes.

E. From these, the faithful seed of spirit springs eternally.

(takes ashes and places them in a potted earth, spreading
them among all the earth present.)

W. Life must come from love alone. As water was our one

time womb, let us approach the spirit set above the waters

of compassion and regeneration. (here some water is
sprinkled on the pots).

N. Blessed be the seed implanted in a fertile field, for it

will ever grow towards the light with strength and

E. Blessed be the seed itself, and all that it implies.

(here seed and egg are shown, all sit in meditation. )

E. I plant this seed, and any others. Blessed be these

S. A seed unplanted is a word unuttered and a power unproven.

W. Blessed be the word that waits within a willing womb.

E. Bring me your candles, the symbol of the eternal light.

(receives candles, and lights them from the alter fire.)

E. This fire signifies our eternal love for the great

mother and great father. It is the blood of the

sun, it is the life of the world.

(lit candles are placed on the altar.)



Invocation to Hestia

All: Hestia, in all dwellings of men and immortals

Yours are the highest honor,

The sweet wine offered first and last at the

feast is poured out to you dutily.

Never without you can the Gods and mortals

Hold banquet.

Feast intermixed with dancing.


Close Circle.