Open circle in usual manner

Sanctify those who are within

Invocation to the higher forces

Invocation to the God and Goddess

HP assumes position in the west, HPS in the east. She turns to the
HP, salutes him with her athame, and says:


Thou son of the Goddess,

Half divine and yet half human,

Whose soul is as the bright sun,

Grant unto these Pagans,

Thy strength, thy passion, thy joy,

and thy love.

Farewell O sun, ever returning light.

In you is life, and life is in the light of man.


Blessed Be the light, bringer of knowledge.

Blessed be the fires of Autumn.

Blessed be the sacred Oak.

Blessed be the harvest, fruit of our toils.


Glory unto the golden light by which we shall ourselves be glorified.


Now that night and day are equal, we have this brief opportunity
for balancing the best against the worst in us, and ask the Ancient ones to compensate the difference as justly as they see fit. We approach the time of waiting, the time to know that which we planted in the past, the time to accomplish that which has matured to fruition. As day follows night, this must come to pass, for all things rise and fall. We must place inner values upon
ourselves, for if none exists, then how may we expect the
Holy Ones to value us? Let us place the signs of Autumn
upon the alter.

(here fruit, leaves, etc. are placed upon the alter)

All join in a circle and chant:

Harvests here, the fruits are ripe.

The air is warm, the Sun in bright.

Seasons move and seasons flow.

Summer Sun to Winter snow.

What is without is that within,

From winter’s womb he’ll come again.

The high priestess goes to the High priest and blesses him with the oak wand.

HP blesses each person with the pentacle sign, ending the ceremony.

Work if any.

Eucharistic thanksgiving.

Feast and dancing.

Close circle.